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Our alumni

Maria Avram (ACC)

I work as Support Renewal Manager in a large multinational company. My background includes studies in Foreign Languages and a Master in Human Resources. I have a deep passion for coaching and significant experience working with managers and top performers in a corporate environment. I love books and stories, anthropology and history. I like people, to be among them, listen to them, help them, understand how they are representing their world, how there are imagining it in stories (personal or fictional) and how they are living. While being coached and studying coaching, I felt all the time that it was rather a re-discovery, than something new. Emotions, feelings, ideas were all there; being present for others, listening or just being, reached new valences. I got so much out of it, that I want to give something in return. The truth, the way, the solution, the liberation is within us, we need to turn to ourselves, seek and listen. I strongly believe that coaching (either life or executive) should have a holistic approach of the individual. This is the way I coach and work with people. Taking into consideration the body, mind and spirit; the fact that the client is resourceful. That authenticity is the pillar of a conscious, beautiful and happy life. Coaching is not about giving solutions, but about guiding and helping others to find them. I see it as a partnership, one that is confidential and based on trust. It is a journey at the end of which the client meets his/her objectives and becomes more self aware, more present, introspective, flexible, aware of his values, strengths and potential. And more successful.

I don’t judge and I regard coaching as the most powerful tool for personal and professional development. You can read more about me on LinkedIn.


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