Our alumni

Irena Dontov

Hi! I'm Irena and I am a strong believer in the ubuntu concept, which means "being self through others". In coaching and in my work overall, I bring my experience gained from being exposed to different industries, areas, teams and companies. With human-centric guidance and focus, I am creating journeys for individuals and teams: to connect with yourself, with others, and build healthy and lasting partnerships. My heart grows every time I have the chance to help people to identify, understand and see their WHYs.

My analytical side uses data and needs analysis and combines it with psychology and behavioral science. My mission is to bring the human back to people management, development and engagement, focusing on creating personalized, transformational experiences for individuals and teams.

So, count me in for people management practices and understanding, learning experience design, organizational culture development, leadership development and most importantly, self and self-leadership discovery.

I am a lifelong learner, I love books, hikes, plants and dogs. Let's connect on LinkedIn."