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Our alumni

Irena Dontov (ACC)

Hey! I’m Irena, a sociologist on a mission to support individuals, teams and communities to fulfil their potential and thrive collaboratively.

My work is at the intersection of people management, career management, education, coaching and strategy. I accompany people by designing human-centric and tailored to the needs learning journeys: from individual and group career coaching to first time managers and leadership development programs. Throughout my career I had the opportunity to build a People Department from scratch; contribute to the organizational culture development in a multicultural startup; contribute to the launch of an €1.5 bn EMTN program with the first issuance of €550 million senior unsecured notes with 7-year maturity; and counting.

Beside coaching and team coaching (I am a strong believer in the ubuntu concept, which means "being self through others"), my expertise includes building mentorship and onboarding journeys, career paths, communities of practice, as well as designing learning journeys on developing: communication & coaching skills, OKRs methodology, interviewing skills for managers, and higher level programs for first time managers, as well as leadership development.

I am a lifelong learner, I love books, hikes, plants and dogs.

Let's connect on LinkedIn.

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