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Our alumni

Irina Pălărie

Transformational Coach, Psychologist

After a 20–years HR managerial career within major companies such as Citigroup and Danone as well as non-profit international NGOs in Romania and abroad, I decided to reinvent myself and shift my professional path from HR to Coaching and Psychology. I shifted from engaging with the organizations and the people within them to attending only to the people, knowing that the rest will follow.. I started my own transformational story together with the Mind Learners Coaching School five years ago and since then the learning ball has neverball never stopped rolling.

On this new journey, I’m accompanying clients towards fulfilling their potential, through Vocational Counseling, Transformational Coaching, Positive Intelligence and Mentoring. As a Psychologist in training, I continue my professional development through Master in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy and Certification in Gestalt Integrative Therapy.

Being a mother of two, I consider family the nucleus of any society, no matter its components. When a society manages to reach a critical mass of healthy family relations in which members attend to themselves and each other with love, respect and compassion, that’s when you have the hope for a better life, collectively and individually. My commitment to have my own contribution to this aspirational future is what wakes me up every morning!

My passion lies in building serene and compassionate relationships between people, in creating spaces to find the beauty in oneself and others and in providing opportunities to connect authenticly with people around us. I believe that we are all interconnected, so striving to have meaningful relationships with the ones that we encounter in this world, including our own Self, is making our life worth living, while helping us heal and evolve.

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My passion lies in building serene and compassionate

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