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Our alumni

Iulia Rusei

I am a transformational coach, a coaching and leadership supervisor, focusing on leadership development and executive presence.

My purpose is to inspire people to lead with kindness, contribute to budling authentic, value-driven leadership.

I’m also a consultant, I consider myself an organizational architect, I’ve been more than 10 years in top leadership positions where I significantly turned around companies and build high performant teams. I’m experienced in organizational transformation, change and transition management, operations (including process optimization, digitalization), business strategies, customer service.

Along the years, I came to realize that working with people can be much more fulfilling when you put your heart into it and build authentic human connection. My years in corporate and leadership taught me that believing in people and treating them with kindness and appreciation brings better results than formal, self-centered management.

My transformation as a person led me to Mind Learners and transformational coaching, and further on to working with leaders, becoming a partner in their own journeys. I always keep in mind one statement that sticked with me from coaching school – “a person it’s a whole, not only the professional side, thus we should consider the person as a whole”. So, I continued with Coaching Supervision Course Certification and NeuroMindfulness Institute senior practitioner course, to work more profoundly and combine different approaches and perspectives during the coaching sessions. I strongly believe that coaching should generate transformational change, from which we cannot go back to whom we were before, giving us the opportunity to uncover our potential, to discovering ourselves by living aside layers of limited beliefs, blockages, fears, patterns. And I find transformational coaching to be one of the best ways to do that.

On a more personal note, I love travelling, exploring, always trying to discover some of the local culture, flavors, places. I am a reader, still having most of the books on paper, as I love the smell. I practice mindfulness, yoga, meditation, I love nature, sports, and dancing. I’m playful, joyful, I believe we can create magic, sometimes with my head in the clouds, but also inclined towards self-reflection and committed to living my emotions. I believe in the goodness of people.

If you feel to connect, you can reach me via: e-mail,,


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