Our alumni

Lia Pavelescu

I am a dreamer and a true believer in the growth potential of each and every individual.

I am also a manager of people and projects and I love most bringing coaching to my day to day work.

I have graduted the Mind Learners Coaching School, I am an ICF Member on the ICF Ceritifcation path and have become an Evolutionary Coaching Consultant accredited by the BVC (Barrett Values Center).

I enjoy facilitating workshops and talking about personal development and growth as well as about values. I love to read and sometimes write.

I stay forever curious and want to learn more and more to improve myself.

Dancing is my "let go" zone and the space where I let my inner child play.

The focus of my work circles around values and love for people. I work to make a difference in the environment I am currently in.

This learning path has brought me to define my long-term mission which is to bring my energy, spirit, love and knowledge of values within the educational system.

If you'd like to know more or work together, contact me via Gmail (

My Motto: "Drop by drop and beat by beat, I get moving toward my mission and by doing so also making a difference in the process. To myself and (hopefully) to others."