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Our alumni

Matei Stănculescu (ACC)

Matei is a certified coach, after graduating Mind Learners School in July 2018. He has been an entrepreneur for 5 years and in 2016 he founded Quantum Music, one of the most successful music labels in Romania. He has discovered, developed and supported top music stars such as Irina Rimes and has also brought investments of almost 2 million euros in the companies that he managed. Matei is a natural entertainer, having 14 years of experience in media groups such as Pro TV and TVR, where he has presented and produced prime time TV shows. In 2015, he won ZF Mobilio awards, presenting a revolutionary app for the sound industry. Matei has graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences from the University of Bucharest. One of his favourite past times is improvisation theatre, having performed in over 50 shows in the last 2 years, together with his improvisation group. Having managed both success and failure in his journey as an entrepreneur, Matei is well equipped to be a compassionate and trustworthy partner for his coaching clients in their own transformational journeys. After coordinating teams of up to 200 members, he has a deep understanding of the dynamics of people development. He enjoys supporting people understand their role and mission and finding the best ways to reach their goals. Also, in his work as a coach, Matei draws heavily on his experience with improvisation theatre, which helped him cultivate the magic of dancing in the moment, being present and embracing uncertainty as the birthplace of the biggest creative breakthroughs. You can read more about Matei's profile here. If you would like to explore having him as your coach, you can contact him at


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