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Our alumni

Mihaela Sima

My name is Mihaela Sima, and I'm a people manager and transformation coach. I've been in several management positions throughout the years, and it all started with coaching school. More than four years ago, I was questioning what my role was inside the organization, what I enjoyed, and what my beliefs were. These thoughts weighed heavily on me because I've always wanted to bring more value to the people I worked with because I'm a people-first type of person. I began my path with coaching because I wanted to learn more about myself; I wished to acquire the knowledge to better understand myself, my needs, and what brings me joy so that I could have a greater impact within the team that I was a part of.

After attending the coaching school, it became clear to me that I want to enable individuals to find their voice, to offer them trust when they lack self-confidence, and to be their number one advocate. Since then, I've been empowering others by applying the principles and values I acquired at coaching school.

As a coach, I will support you on your personal journey into whatever needs you may have and guide you with compassion and empathy into those questions that you may have been asking yourself for some time now but don't feel like you have a direction or clarity on what to do next.

You can reach me at: and +40731361678


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