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Our alumni

Mirabela Maria

I make my living as a lawyer practicing business law. Malcom Gladwell once said "it's very hard to find someone who is successful and dislikes what they do. Except if they're a lawyer". I used to agree with him. Until I realized I had the liberty to choose what my focus in this profession should be. For me, being a lawyer is more about human interaction than anything else. Believe it or not, lawyers are people too :) And, legal proficiency aside, the way we relate and connect to each other, to our clients, to our assistants, even to "Doamna Mariana", who cleans our office every day, determines the success of each project. And more importantly, it determines the quality of our lives. There are many more choices involved in the way we live our everyday lives than we may want to acknowledge. I personally used to see many of these choices as a “default setting” or a “no opt out” situation. I have gradually learned to acknowledge and respect the presence and importance of choice in everything I do, at home or in the office. Among my colleagues are some of the most engaged people I know. It’s a privilege, but it also makes for a visible disparity when compared to others who are less engaged. It is clear to me that we do not all share the same resources. But I am convinced that each individual’s potential is far greater than what he or she has readily available to offer.

There are so many thoughts, beliefs, convictions constantly interfering with our best version of ourselves. Tapping into unleashed potential is a matter of personal choice. But witnessing and even contributing to this process is one of the most rewarding activities in the world. This is what I hope to able to do. Help discover and discard the interferences that prevent our potential from revealing itself. For myself, and for anyone who would trust me to accompany them on such a wonderful and challenging journey: the path to best self. If you want to get in touch, just e-mail me at


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