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Our alumni

Mirela Ștețco

Since I can remember myself, I have been raising people. I am a teacher. This is part of who I am, this what I am standing for, both for myself and for the world. I have always known that this what my life was going to be about. Still, Mind Learners Coaching Program had to happen for me to understand that there is also a different way of raising people, without so much struggle, without clenched fists, without considering that you way, your solutions, your truths are the only ones that matter. What I know now is that you are brave when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, that you love only when you are not judging, when you don’t point fingers and that you are truly present in the lives of others and in your own life only when you truly listen (using your eyes, your ears, your heart, your entire being) and when you learn how to listen to yourself. Every day I realize that there is nothing in my life more amazing, more joyful and meaningful than seeing a person making a conscious decision to discover and to unleash his or her potential. Together with some very young and courageous people from Teach for Romania I am learning constantly how valuable it is to have a transformational experience, an experience which first disintegrates you and then brings all the pieces back together and you become the leader your life, your children and your world need. It a great privilege for me to accompany these visionary heroes in their inner journey, as now, as a person who set herself free from own fears, I know that nothing is impossible. The greatest gift for us is the glow in the children’s eyes when, by having beside a Teach teacher, they dare to dream again, to believe again in their future and to believe that they are the ones responsible for their own lives. My lesson is a very simple one: to raise people means unleashing, not fixing, means inspiring and building up trust, not changing. And it also means growing yourself along with them….


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