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Our alumni

Nina Morariu

I am a transformational and women empowerment coach, with an entrepreneurial and corporate background in business consultancy, process improvement, leadership and diversity & inclusion.

But before being everything else, I am a woman. A woman just like you.

After years spent in corporate world and in leadership positions in organizations dedicated to women, I felt the need to come closer to women and support them in a different way, making it my mission to empower them to live their full potential, discover and rediscover their true essence.

I bring all my experience, knowledge and abilities into my coaching practice in order to guide my clients towards the life they deserve and desire. In a soft but challenging manner, I will help you find your lust for life, your joy of living, relight your inner spark and rediscover what truly fulfils you. I am always ready to put on the table all my knowledge, abilities and natural talents to support you in your becoming.

During the individual coaching sessions, I am there for you to sustain you, to hold your hand, to cheer you up and to hold the space so that you can transform into the most wonderful version of yourself, or how I like to call it: "from caterpillar to butterfly".

All you need is already within you. Together, we just bring it out to light.

I have concluded the Mind Learners Transformational School certification and I am an active member and volunteer @ International Coaching Federation (ICF).

​If you want to connect, please feel free to follow me on Linkedin, Facebook or visit my website.


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