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Our alumni

Oana Găină

I’ve been working in Human Resources since 2000 – not sure who found who first. I'm passionate about people, animals, reading & travelling, I have an innate curiosity about the human mind and I am amazed at what one can experience given the chance. What’s even more fascinating to me, is the journey of our souls and the inexplicable way we are all connected. My life changed completely since my two children came to me – and not necessarily in the way people often “talk” about it. I’ve learnt to accept things about me that I never knew existed, which made me feel there was no better way to experience myself than through my loved ones. I am grateful to my kids and to all of my long time friends.

I came across coaching throughout my career many times, but never in the way Alis’ transformational coaching school revealed it to me.

But hey, it’s all about YOU here. It’s your life, your discoveries, your choices and your path. And there’s no better YOU than the one you are looking at right now. I would be honoured to simply walk beside you and use all I’ve learnt to accompany you in your process of BEING. You can read more about me here and reach me at:


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