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Our alumni

Oana Voicu

I embrace the passion for people through coaching and HR. I like to say that both domains found me. The entrepreneurial experience led me to HR, while HR and becoming a mother led me to coaching.

The passion began with a desire to contribute to people’s growth and development. A desire that became increasingly clear after the birth of my daughter and, shortly afterwards, the responsibility of leading a team. I experienced almost at once, on both levels, what it means to grow people. And how easy it is to do it wrongly, driven by transgenerational patterns that have created wounds that are so hard to see in yourself and so easy to pass on.

In my role as a transformational coach, I stand by your side when you need to get your thoughts in order, when you want something different in your personal life or career, whether you have a clear goal in mind or, on the contrary, you just feel that something is not working, but you are not sure what it is. I'm here to listen and guide you so that you can focus on the right solutions for you.

When you need clarity, an empathetic and impartial listener, and a plan of action to achieve your goals, I'm just a message away:, Facebook or Instagram.


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