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Our alumni

Olga Udrea (ACC)

Fascinated about people and the developing mind, I am a psychotherapist and coach. I have recently founded Mind Initiative, where I work with individuals and groups to accomplish their full potential for development and self-discovery. Alumna London School of Economics and Political Science and The Neuroscience Academy, my background combines various educational systems with practical multicultural and non-governmental experiences. My professional journey started in Media and Communication and after ten years of working with brands and corporate companies, I had decided it was time for a change. Thus a career shift followed as well as a new journey for me. Beside my private therapy practice, I am part of the Learning Society team as a learning architect, designing projects for skill and talent development, working with teams and managers achieve their objectives for performance and change. As a neuroscience enthusiast, I am exploring the field focusing on Neuroleadership for a better understanding of human drive and motivation for behaviour and effective interaction. I am a strong believer in lifelong learning while stimulating curiosity and creativity, as well as fostering the development of socio-emotional skills. This makes our society move forward, makes us better, wiser, committed to ourselves and to others. And is one of the reasons why I have been part and I continue to support social and educational projects. I am passionate about jazz and contemporary art. When I'm not with my clients or training, you can find me reading a book or on a yoga mattress. Find more about my work here or how to contact me here.


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