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Our alumni

Raluca Alexandru

I’m Raluca and I believe there is a First for everything.

My mission is to contribute and create a better place for humanity. I’m willing to use all my experience and assets to actively continue to streamline as a change agent in multiple roles.

As a coach, I guide people to reach their state of well-being, both on a personal and professional level. I support those who want to explore new development perspectives and discover transformational self-growth.

Since childhood, I’ve been driven to feed my curiosity and learn new things. In light of this, I encourage people to invest in their growth and give themselves time to embrace the next big thing on their development roadmap.

Areas I work with people through coaching processes: ● Well-being and resilience routines; ● Performance and growth mindset.

We owe it to ourselves to live our lives to the fullest while we have the chance.

In the end, our story can always be redesigned from a different perspective and begin again.

There is a first for everything. You got the power.

You can read more about me on and on my LinkedIn profile.


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