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Our alumni

Roxana Ceialacu

My name is Roxana Ceialacu, I have experience in software development industry for almost 15 years, playing different roles within companies from SAP ABAP developer to Agile Transformation Program Manager. Over the last 4 years I explored new skills around people by being consultant, mentor, coach, trainer and facilitator. During my career, I facilitated dozens of workshops, delivered several trainings and working with hundreds of people. For more professional background details, you may check my LinkedIn account. I am an honest person, not only by speaking the truth but by living my life in a genuine and authentic way. I expect the best in the future, I'm a dreamer, an optimistic, energetic, and joyful person, who loves life and finds light in everything, no matter what darkness might be around. My coaching approach has two parts: my being, the fact that I am present – next to you, near you, and my willingness to listen to you, containing what you say and feel, guiding you to discover your inner power to improve yourself continuously and consciously. Additionally, my purpose is to care for the people that I believe in, and I BELIEVE IN YOU! By embracing love, you can change yourself, your communities and the universe. If you’re wondering who is giving this love…the answer is you need to love yourself, first! “I offer my help, for a better you!” - This is my mission! Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or Yahoo.

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