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Our alumni

Ruxandra Predincea (ACC)

Hello! I'm Ruxandra, mother and wife, entrepreneur and coach. I am a woman who has faced many challenges, just like you. I know how that moment feels when you don't know where to start, when he wants you to do a lot and you know you can, but you can't.

At some point I decided that I had to work with myself, and I started therapy. After 2 years, I could see the results, and I decided to start the coaching sessions. Here and then I realized that this is what I want to do: to accompany and guide other people towards achieving their goals and overcoming obstacles. I believe that the resources are within us, we just have to look for them a little 🤩

I am attracted to awareness and the way we set limits for ourselves. I have always liked working with people, which is why I chose to work in the field of sales. I currently run an educational center for children and a personal development center, precisely for this reason - I find it very interesting how we grow, how we develop, how we interact.

I finished the coaching school at Mind Learners, then I got certified in PQ Positive Intelligence and I'm in the process of getting my ACC ICF certify.

I am passionate about neuroscience and NLP, I am constantly looking for information in these areas, and many of the exercises I practice with my clients are influenced by these two fields.

I can’t wait to join you in your own trip of self-discovering and growing!

You can reach me at: tel: +40723330430 mail: facebook:


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