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Our alumni

Sabina Șelaru

My name is Sabina and am "peoplecholic" :) (and due to this, I am also Coach, Psychologist, Trainer, Career Counselor, Personal development Counsellor, Human Resources for over 12 years and HR Manager during the last 5 years).

I’ve loved people all my life, I love listening and talking to them, encouraging them, standing by them, developing and empowering them. My strong belief is that each person has unlimited potential, waiting to be discovered and explored. This is why I became a coach, to support people unleash their potential within.

I began my journey as coach by discovering myself, by listening, accepting and loving myself, by discovering my own potential and getting threw my limits – they were limits only as long as I saw them as ones. I believe there is a lot of beauty inside each of us, sometimes we just need a little help to „wide the dust” in order to see the shining diamond within.

Many people say „ I am shy”, or „I am week”, or „ I am nervous”. No, you are not. The shyness, weakness and nervousness are just manifestations of your feelings and thoughts, are just behaviors. You are not your behavior, because you can choose to change it anytime you (really) want. You are a beautiful human being, and you can always choose who you want to be. I am here to hold your hand through the most wonderful, yet unexpected, journey you will ever take – the journey of discovering yourself.

My mission as coach is to maintain the light within me glowing and to share it to others in order to make their hearts open. I am just a click away, on my Facebook Page, Linked In, and mail:


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